Progress Update

Below, I have included a screenshot of a still of the Fallen Soldier that I am in the process of drawing for my animation using the digital art program, Clip Studio Paint.

Also, it may be worth noting that I have changed one aspect of the soldier’s design, which are the deep cuts from his mouth going up to his cheeks as I ending up thinking that it was rather excessive to a point that it was tacky.

Admittedly, I did paint his neck and collarbone area at first before realising that I didn’t actually need to paint them out. However, I will be fixing this by paint on the armour on separate layers, of course.Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 09.52.42Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.00.44


Puppet Pin Test Animation (Rough)

Here I have done a short test animation using a still image on Adobe After Effects. I thought that using this form of animation would possibly help cut down time spent on my animation for certain movements that I would need to animate.

However, this is simply a rough animation, and I have not traced around the figure as neatly as I would with my actual animation, as this was just a test run.

Puppet Pin test (Adobe After Effects) from Elise Gallichan on Vimeo.




Reven and Varsen’s house draws inspiration from Ursula’s cabin from Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ (A Studio Ghibli film).

I wanted to give their home a woodland cabin theme inside, with wooden floor and walls. Inside, bookcases and shelves can be found, complete with books, small boxes and medical kits.

On the ceiling, potted plants hang up, suspended by ropes. I added these in so that the main room did not look as sparse as it would have without them. However they also give the room a more natural and nature themed feel.


The other area used in my animation is outside of Reven and Varsen’s house. They live on the outskirts of a forest, with grassy fields rolling out ahead. In the distance, an opening to the forest can seen. This is where the fallen soldier first makes his appearence.

I took inspiration from yet another one of Studio’s Ghibli’s films, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. One scene features a vast flowery meadow backdropped against clear blue skies, giving it the impression of a peaceful utopia.

The field outside of Reven and Varsen’s home is not as beautifully decorated with flowers like the valley from Howl’s Moving Castle. However, the vastness of both open fields have similarities.


Animatic – Elise Gallichan AS Media from Elise Gallichan on Vimeo.

The video above is my animatic, a short sequence of drawings put together to form the skeleton of my animation.

The style of my drawings here are somewhat basic and sketchy as this is merely a representation of the basic structure of my animation.

Certain frames do have some missing assets, however this was down to minor technical slip-ups which I am now aware of and will able to monitor and correct in my final piece.

Here are the basic skeleton frames that I drew for the animatic.




Here are the props that will be in my animation.

Reven’s book references the tomes used in the Fire Emblem series, which are used to conjure different types of magic, namely Fire, Wind, Thunder and Dark Magic (all of which have a different type of tome and sub-tomes to fit each category.

Reven’s book is a compilation of different types of magic all put into one book. The leather bound front and back are worn from use, damage and age, and the cover is covered in runes that only the educated few can decipher.

Inside the book, the runes detail the spells and rituals used for battle and other practical use. However, romanization of the runes can also be found in the book for easy reading.

A few pages have been ripped from the book over time (having been passed down through generations) and same have been partially burnt or otherwise damaged from battles.

In comparison to the soldier’s sword, I looked at the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series. Whilst the soldier’s sword is a lot less detailed than the Master Sword, the blade acted as a base for which I could interpret the soldier’s sword.

Whilst the Master Sword has an emphasis on importance with it’s unique hilt (as it is the most famous item in the game series), the soldier’s sword is supposed to look plain, another simple copy of the same sword given to each lower class soldier in the army.

Miscellaneous Props

Reven keeps a bottle of dragon blood on his table. The silvery liquid is used for infusion so that Reven can strengthen his fire magic. A few drops of the dragon blood can send a small flame roaring to life.

Reven also has a few test tubes on his table, which are filled with various different liquids, used for making poisons, potions and other solutions that can be used in battle or for medical purposes.


Aperture Task

This is my Aperture Task. Here I experimented with focusing with different objects that were different lengths away from each other, showing how it is possible to focus on different people or objects through a blur transition.