Here are the props that will be in my animation.

Reven’s book references the tomes used in the Fire Emblem series, which are used to conjure different types of magic, namely Fire, Wind, Thunder and Dark Magic (all of which have a different type of tome and sub-tomes to fit each category.

Reven’s book is a compilation of different types of magic all put into one book. The leather bound front and back are worn from use, damage and age, and the cover is covered in runes that only the educated few can decipher.

Inside the book, the runes detail the spells and rituals used for battle and other practical use. However, romanization of the runes can also be found in the book for easy reading.

A few pages have been ripped from the book over time (having been passed down through generations) and same have been partially burnt or otherwise damaged from battles.

In comparison to the soldier’s sword, I looked at the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series. Whilst the soldier’s sword is a lot less detailed than the Master Sword, the blade acted as a base for which I could interpret the soldier’s sword.

Whilst the Master Sword has an emphasis on importance with it’s unique hilt (as it is the most famous item in the game series), the soldier’s sword is supposed to look plain, another simple copy of the same sword given to each lower class soldier in the army.

Miscellaneous Props

Reven keeps a bottle of dragon blood on his table. The silvery liquid is used for infusion so that Reven can strengthen his fire magic. A few drops of the dragon blood can send a small flame roaring to life.

Reven also has a few test tubes on his table, which are filled with various different liquids, used for making poisons, potions and other solutions that can be used in battle or for medical purposes.



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