Reven and Varsen’s house draws inspiration from Ursula’s cabin from Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ (A Studio Ghibli film).

I wanted to give their home a woodland cabin theme inside, with wooden floor and walls. Inside, bookcases and shelves can be found, complete with books, small boxes and medical kits.

On the ceiling, potted plants hang up, suspended by ropes. I added these in so that the main room did not look as sparse as it would have without them. However they also give the room a more natural and nature themed feel.


The other area used in my animation is outside of Reven and Varsen’s house. They live on the outskirts of a forest, with grassy fields rolling out ahead. In the distance, an opening to the forest can seen. This is where the fallen soldier first makes his appearence.

I took inspiration from yet another one of Studio’s Ghibli’s films, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. One scene features a vast flowery meadow backdropped against clear blue skies, giving it the impression of a peaceful utopia.

The field outside of Reven and Varsen’s home is not as beautifully decorated with flowers like the valley from Howl’s Moving Castle. However, the vastness of both open fields have similarities.


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